Bringing the latest technology in equine therapy to you and your horse

Gasston's Equine Water Treadmill

The Gasston’s Equine Water Treadmill has been designed and developed by a leading FEI vet who has worked with water treadmills for nearly 20 years.

Utilising the latest in Activo-Med technology, our water treadmill can be used to benefit all horses as part of a rehabilitation programme or training programme to increase range of movement, improve muscle tone and build strength in the lower limbs in controlled environment.

The Benefits of Equine Hydrotherapy

• Increases muscular flexibility, tone and mass.

• Helps improve the horse’s range of movement and builds up muscle whilst putting minimum stress on front legs and hooves.

• It is a low intensity workout which makes it suitable for both fit and injured horses of all ages.

• Safe, controlled environment adapted to each individual horse.

• Controlled, supervised exercise for rehabilitation, aerobic activity and cross training.

• Encourages the horse to “sit” behind which in turn takes weight off the front legs.

• Helps improve the horses range of movement and their musculoskeletal system.

• Increases and optimises lymphatic and circulatory function.

Equine Water Treadmill

Your Horse's Visit

Every horse that visits us will undergo an initial consultation to ensure we are working to the right programme for you and your horse’s requirements. Care is taken to gradually introduce your horse to our water treadmill by walking the horse through the treadmill first to help build their confidence when loading. The treadmill is started slowly and then water gradually added as the horse gets accustomed to the motion. Each session is supervised by our knowledgeable team but we are happy for you to bring your own specialist along with you.

Equine Hydrotherapy for

• Tendon & suspensory ligaments • Degenerative joint disease, increases joint flexion • Fitness with less concussion • Kissing spine – Increases gap between dorsal spine processes • Sore back, weak hind quarters or shoulders • Stifle weakness or soreness • Re-educate muscles • Core muscles strengthening and suppleness • A controlled exercise programme


Single Session

Suitable for first timers
£ 40
  • 30 Minute Session
  • Tailored Individual Programme
  • Before & After Antibacterial Leg Spray

Block Session

5 sessions get the 6th FREE
£ 200
  • 30 Minute Session
  • Tailored Individual Programme
  • Before & After Antibacterial Leg Spray

Mega Block Session

Book 8, get the 9th & 10th FREE
£ 300
  • 30 Minute Session
  • Tailored Individual Programme
  • Before & After Antibacterial Leg Spray

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